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Architectural Design

WMA deliver performance driven, comfortable, cost effective and ecologically sound architectural design.

Passive House

Passive House is building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time.


WMA are an RIAI Accredited Grade III Conservation Practice since 2002, and have the expertise to give listed buildings a new lease of life while retaining the architectural significance which makes them a part of Irish Architectural Heritage.

Thermal Bridge Analysis

Thermal bridge analysis allows for improved detailed design, so that localised heat losses can be reduced minimising the risk of deterioration within the building fabric, and can result in significant cost savings.


PHPP (Passive House Planning Package), is an assessment tool used to calculate a building’s energy performance, overheating and identify other environmental issues.

Energy Efficient Design Consultant (EED)

WMA’s practical experience backed by our technical expertise and analysis ensure that we are uniquely positioned to act as an Energy Efficient Design Consultant and to ensure compliance with the upcoming nZEB standard.

WUFI (Condensation Risk Analysis)

WMA can provide a WUFI analysis to predict condensation and moisture transfer in the building fabric such as an external walls or roof construction.

BER (Domestic and Non-Domestic)

WMA offer BER Assessment in-house for New Dwellings and Non Domestic (i.e. Commercial and Public) buildings.

Climate Data Generation

WMA are regularly commissioned to produce site specific climate data suitable for use in the design and certification of low energy buildings.


Thermography involves the non-invasive thermographic analysis of a building fabric to identify anomalies that may occur in the construction of buildings.


In-Situ U-Value Measurements (ISO 9869)

Our specialist non-invasive equipment using Greenteg heat sensor technology measures the heat flux through an existing structure which is then translated to a U-Value