Terms and conditions

This report may be relied upon by the client only. The report must not be passed for information, or for any other purpose, to any third party without Wain Morehead Architects Ltd. prior written consent, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Such consent shall not entitle a third party to place any reliance on the report and shall not confer on any such third party any benefit or right.
All comments/details provided will only concern the thermal performance of the building/junction in relation to the thermal bridge report. The client remains responsible for the performance of the building/junction in terms of all Building Regulations, water penetration, weathering, air tightness, structural performance, aesthetics, durability, retention of guarantees and so forth.
Please note:
1. Junctions are modelled only on the information provided to the Wain Morehead Architects Ltd.
2. Appropriate provision for on-site inspection and related quality control procedures should be made by and carried out by the client, or by the relevant project design and construction team members
3. Temperature Factor Calculations (FRSI) are only valid for the detail as described by the information provided to Wain Morehead Architects Ltd.
4. Calculations have been carried out in accordance with the following standards and guidance documents where relevant:
• BR443 Conventions for U-value calculations
• BR497 Conventions for calculating linear thermal transmittance and temperature factors
• BRE IP 1/06 Assessing the effects of thermal bridging at junctions and around openings
• EN ISO 6946: 2007 Building components and building elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Calculation method
• EN ISO 10211: 2007 Thermal Bridges In Building Construction – Heat Flows And Surface Temperatures – Detailed Calculations
• EN ISO 13370: 2007 Thermal performance of buildings — Heat transfer via the ground — Calculation methods
5. The Psi and Temperature factor calculations are only valid for details modelled and described in this report
6. The calculations will be carried out by Wain Morehead Architects Ltd. using Psi Therm Version Software.

7. No calculations will be carried out until payment has been processed.