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BER (Domestic and Non-Domestic) and DEC for Public Buildings

WMA offer BER Assessment in-house for New Dwellings and Non Domestic (i.e. Commercial and Public) buildings.

We can improve the existing BER status of any building significantly through sensible measures. We also offer TGD compliance checks to individual clients and other professionals.

We can advise other professionals on the best compliance solutions for any low energy building.

WMA also has an in-house DEC Assessor who will provide a Display Energy Certificate for public buildings.

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is calculated based on the measured energy use of a public building. With effect from 9th July, 2015, all public buildings in excess of 250 m2 or any building over 500m2 which is regularly visited by the public must display a DEC or Display Energy Certificate where it can be seen clearly by the public. Similar to a Building Energy Rating system, it also has a scale from A1 to G – i.e. A1 being the most efficient and G being the least. The Certificate also shows the CO2 emissions for that building’s energy use. Our Ursuline sister’s secondary school project designed in 1998 was one of the top 12 performing school buildings in 2011 countrywide when first assessed for a DEC.