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We have been nominated for the Digital Marketing Awards 2017

We have been nominated for the Digital Marketing Awards 2017

We are chuffed to have been nominated for the DIGITAL MARKETING AWARDS 2017….

The area of advertising and marketing is relatively new to us architects and architectural firms, as it was previously not permitted. In latter years however, on the recommendation by CCPC (Competition and Consumer Protection Commission) and the widespread use of the internet and social media, this rule changed and so here we are… Architects can market and advertise their services, and hopefully, consumers are benefiting from all the readily available information.

The decision and choosing of an architect can be daunting, and the ability of making informed decisions on something that is going to be one of the largest investments we will probably make in a lifetime, can be difficult. But taking the time researching will hopefully assist in making sure you will get the best service and design, with the best qualified professionals, rewarding you with a well performing, designed and built building.

As we get such a kick out of what we do, we hope you do; that you find our website and presence on the various social medial platforms informative, educational and interesting. If, however, there is anything you feel we should include, we would be most grateful if you would drop us a line so we can consider your suggestion(s)!