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Ahead of nZEB

Ahead of nZEB

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019 and #nZEB!

Since 1st January, applicable to all new buildings, owned or occupied by the Public Sector, the new nZEB requirements become applicable to all new domestic projects after 1st April 2019. It is about time #Ireland took #Climate Change seriously. In 2009, we started on site with the #Carrigaline Passive House. 10years on and with extensive monitoring, it is little surprise that this project can meet the nZEB standard with ease. Why? Excellent design and construction team delivered fabric first, airtight construction with excellent indoor air quality, super window energy balance and comfort. Minimal reliance on renewables dedicated to hot water production and a sub 10W/m2 heat load.


This is just one of our many projects availing of site specific climate data to ensure renewables offset Primary Energy use rather than compensate for poor design strategies.


Enjoy the benefits of evidence based #PassiveHouse design today, and don’t wait for legislation to force design / construction teams or to take climate change, your comfort and energy footprint, seriously.