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Marina Passive House

Client – Private Client

Status: On Site   

This new Passive House is located in an Architectural Conservation Area on the historic Marina, close to Blackrock Village. In order to mitigate future risk of flooding and provide a comfortable, energy efficient dwelling that meets contemporary living standards, the existing 1960’s dwelling on the site has been demolished. A new timber frame Passive House dwelling is currently under construction in its place.

The new dwelling is located in the same general area as the existing to reduce the impact of development on the site, retain the existing vehicular entrance and to limit the impact on the neighbouring dwellings. Retention of the existing mature trees was also an important consideration as they contribute to The Marina’s tree cover and overall aesthetic.

The design takes cues from the immediate street context, in particular the two contrasting, adjoining dwellings. The new dwelling comprises of two distinct elements: a western timber clad element with a zinc pitched roof and an eastern brick clad element with a flat roof.

The vertical larch cladding will weather to complement the dominant Scots Pines to the front of the property. The brick is a neutral chalk colour with a lime mortar, referencing the brick finishes of the existing dwellings further east.

The front elevation follows Passive House principles of minimal north facing windows. Vertical fins screen a north facing terrace over the main entrance, providing a balance between privacy and views of the busy Marina and River Lee beyond. The dwelling opens up to the south to maximise solar gain and light, and to create connectivity with the mature rear gardens.

At ground floor level a central courtyard brings light deep into the dwelling, provides a visual connection from north to south, and also between the various rooms within the dwelling. The entrance lobby is designed to accommodate a future lift, its location defined by a tall, narrow slit window on the front elevation.

The dwelling is of timber frame construction, with an insulated GGBS concrete slab foundation and triple glazed timber aluclad and aluminium windows. An air to water heat pump provides hot water and underfloor heating to both floors. An MVHR system provides ventilation, with a drying tower utilising the exhaust side for fast and efficient clothes drying. Stack ventilation has been integrated to mitigate overheating. A PV array will be provided on the flat roof.

This project is due for completion in early Summer 2023.