GJ Moloney Offices

Client – GJ Moloney Solicitors

This project addressed the typical document storage difficulties, internal working environment and public/private meeting areas to create a stimulating and efficient environment which reflected the confidence the client had in their own profession.

A number of typical constraints had to be overcome in developing the ultimate solution. The use of ‘smartglass’ walls were used principally for their ability to allow dual purpose, privacy and light to internal spaces apart from the interesting talking point.

The selection of state of the art, efficient storage devices reduced the impact large storage requirements have in any office environment permitting the generation of quality working spaces in lieu.

The use of these specialist items can actually yield a saving in the overall costs associated with a project and are a good example of added value due to design. The overall space requirements of any commercial facility/operation can be substantially reduced permitting the creation of a better quality and more sophisticated working environment. In this project carefully selected elm veneers complemented the use of contemporary screens, floor finishes and generated the overall level of quality desired. Furniture was carefully selected at an early stage in the design to allow their full integration and timely delivery.

This project was completed on time and within budget, and was later followed up with the further development of the remaining shell for the same client.